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The Thundbolt or Diamond Pose - Vajra-asana
Vajra-asana - The Thunderbolt or Diamond Pose
Posture: Vajra-asana
The Thunderbolt or Diamond Pose
Translation: The Sanskrit word vajra means thunderbolt or diamond.
Pronunciation: vah-jrah-sa-na
Difficulty: (2)
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"Make the thighs tight like adamant and place the legs by the two sides of the anus. This is called the Vajra-asana. It give psychic powers to the Yogi."
Gheranda-samhita II.12
The Thunderbolt or Diamond Pose (Vajra-asana) Instruction:
The vajra-asana is a seated posture. Begin by sitting back on your heels and placing your knees, legs and feet together.
Keeping the back straight place the palms of your hands down on top of your thights.
Breath gently thorugh your nostrils and sit in this position for at least three minutes.

The vajra-asana is a versatile posture well suited for meditation, rest in between other seated postures, or as an aid to digestion.

The vajra-asana is the first stop in various other yoga postures such as the anjaneya-asana (salutation posture) and the ushtra-asana (the camel).

The vajra-asana can be held for as long as is comfortable(and depending on the reason for doing the posture).
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