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Tantrism and Neotantrism
by Georg Feurestein
Tantrism is the broad term by which Western students of India's spirituality designate a particular type of teaching within Hinduism and Buddhism...

An Interview with Deba Brata Sensharma
by Maryellen Lo Bosco
Although interest in Tantra has been growing in the West over the last decade or two, few people have more than a rudimentary knowledge of the subject...

Chinese Buddhism and Derridean Deconstruction
by Robert Magliola
Buddhists have long said that the lotus is an emblem of pratitya-samutpada (dependent co-arising ) because it so elaborately...

The Outcome of Crisis in Hamlet and the Bhagavad Gita
by Steven Crimi
Shakespeare's Hamlet and India's Bhagavad Gita are in essence works exploring the nature of crisis as experienced within their respective cultures...

Yoga and Meditation (Dhyana)
by Georg Feurestein
Meditation is central to the spiritual endeavor in many schools of Hinduism, notably the Yoga tradition...

Meditation: The Making of Images
by Antonio T. de Nicolas
I have chosen for this paper a hermeneutical description of the act of imagining as Ignatius de Loyola used it in the making of his Spiritual Exercises...

The Way of the Witness
by Christopher Chapple
From the earliest text of Indian Philosophy, the Rig Veda, comes an image that has profoundly influenced the Upanishads, the formal schools of Samkhya and Yoga...

Platonic Epistemology and the Nature of Philosophical Activity: A Comparison with Indian Philosophy
by Marc Fellenz
The ways of knowledge in the ancient philosophical systems of both Greece and India...