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A Simple Guide to Contemporary Styles of Yoga
Power Yoga

Baron Baptiste
Baron Baptiste
Power Yoga combines the ancient "eight limbs" of Yogic wisdom revfealing a systematic set of proven age-old principles, physical practices, attitudes, and perspectives. Power Yoga uncovers the root causes of stress and provides the means to conquer it, demonstrates the value of exercise and attitude, and harnesses the power of discipline and inner balance. It is a muscle-shaping, mind-sculpting workout that crosses all borders and appeals to any person who has the desire for true and permanent changes in his or her body and life. The most well-know proponent and teacher of Power Yoga is Baron Baptiste.

About Baron Baptiste

Through rigorous study in India and America that began at the early age of 12 years old, Baron has created a yoga practice without boundaries - it is a dynamic combination of strength, sweat and spirituality. It heals, detoxifies and electrifies the body and mind at their deepest levels. With this practice, Baron has knocked yoga off of its pedestal and demystified it by bringing it into people's lives across America.

Baron teaches thousands of people of all abilities and all walks of life -- NFL athletes, people struggling to control their weight, over-stressed, ambitious Type-A personalities, Hollywood celebrities; they all benefit. At the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute in Boston and Cambridge the diversity of the students is evident on a daily basis: there are surgeons, nannies, carpenters, housewives, writers, students, professional athletes, cancer patients, people living with the entire range of degenerative illnesses, the old, the young; the list does not end. In Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga America has found its Yoga!

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