's Meditation section contains both essays about meditation as well as transcripts of Yoga meditations given by Gurani Anjali, a great master of Yoga and founder of Yoga Anand Ashram. We hope you find this offering both educational and inspiring.

The Silent Language
by Gurani Anjali
Everything around us is born of mind. We must strive through the mind for the perfection that Yoga teaches us: that Yoga is citta-vritti-nirodha...

Sexuality and Yoga
by Gurani Anjali
Everything is a sexual act. One may not know that because one does not know how to see. You must be able to see what is happening. ...

Yoga is a Way of Seeing
by Gurani Anjali
Yoga is a way of seeing, it is a way of hearing, it is a way of is a way of tasting. Yoga is unitive...Yoga is knowing the one in the many and the many in the one...

Yoga and Meditation (Dhyana)
by Georg Feurestein
Meditation is central to the spiritual endeavor in many schools of Hinduism, notably the Yoga tradition. The Bhagavad-Gita (12.12) ranks meditation above intellectual knowledge..

Meditation: The Making of Images
by Antonio T. de Nicolas
It is my contention that this tradition of making images in meditation is present wherever meditation is practiced. It is common in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, as well as in other religions...

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