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The Child Pose - Bala-asana
Bala-asana - The Child Pose
Posture: Bala-asana - The Child Pose
Translation: The Sanskrit word bala means child.
Pronunciation: ba-lah-sa-na
Difficulty: (2)
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"As inumerable cups full of water, many reflections of the sun are seen, but the sun is the same; similarly individuals, like cups, are inumerable, but spirit, like the sun, is one."
The Shiva-samhita I.35 II.42-43.
The Child Pose (Bala-asana ) Instruction:
Bala-asana - The Child Pose
Sit on your knees with your feet together and buttocks resting on your heels. Separate your knees about the width of your hips. Place your hands on your thighs, palms down. (This is the vajra-asana or Thunderbolt Pose).
Inhale deeply, then exhale as you bring your chest between your knees while swinging your arms forward.
Rest your forehead on the floor, if possible, and then bring your arms around to your sides until the hands on resting on either side of your feet, palms up.
Breath gently through your nostrils as you hold the posture. Hold for about one to two minutes. Then return to asn upright kneeling position with your back straight and your hands on your thighs.
Repeat the posture at least one more time.

The bala-asana is one of the more relaxing Yoga postures and can easily be done by beginners. As part of your Yoga routine it is best used as a counter-pose to any posture that stretch the spine backward (such as the naga-asana, the dhanura-asana, the chakra-asana, the ushtra-asana, etc.)

Bala-asana - The Child Pose

The bala-asana gently stretches and relaxes the shoulders, neck, back muscles and thighs.

The bala-asana can be held for as long as is comfortable. Repeat at least twice if it is held for less than a minute.
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